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Denver Union Station

Granite was a primary building material for the plaza, selected not only for its beauty but also for its surface hardness and durability. The owner had experienced positive results on past projects with granite as a pedestrian surface and desired the same results for Denver Union Station. Most of the plaza is constructed of nearly 8,000 square feet of Carnelian® granite paving with Thermal finish. The fountain area features nearly 4,000 square feet of Thermal-finished granite paving in a variety of colors: Carnelian, Agate and Mesabi Black®. The design for the paving in the plaza included drainage into the subsurface below the concrete substrate to ensure the moisture wasn’t an issue in Colorado’s numerous freeze-thaw periods. In addition to the paving, the north plaza features 70 benches of Carnelian granite in Diamond® 100 finish.

Photography credit: Steve Maylone Photographer & Ryan Dravitz Photography