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Designed to provide a vibrant and serene urban oasis, Citygarden sits at the heart of the Gateway Mall, just a few blocks west of the famous Arch and Mississippi River. The two-square block space had been underused for decades and often sat idle as an open lawn with no clear purpose. Now, Citygarden is structured as three precincts delineated by two walls. The northern precinct represents the high upland ground, the river bluffs. The middle band represents the low ground or floodplain. The southern band represents the cultivated river terraces.

The project has won the Urban Land Institute Amanda Burden Urban Open Spaces Award - an award designed "to recognize an outstanding example of a well-used public open space that has spurred regeneration and the transformation of the surrounding community." It has also won the Tucker Award through the Building Stone Institute (BSI).


Paving: Charcoal Black® (Thermal), Mesabi Black® and Mountain Green® (Diamond 10)

Meander Wall: Lake Superior Green® (Polish)

Entry Foutain: Mesabi Black® (Diamond 10)

Split Basin, Terrace Wall, Sculpture Bases: Mesabi Black® (Diamond 10)

Treads: Charcoal Black® (Thermal)

Photos courtesy of Nelson Byrd Woltz