Stone Utilization

Stone utilization

We recognized, as many do, that natural stone is already an environmentally preferable material. Especially when compared to many other products such as concrete or composites due to its durability, minimal processing needs and local availability in many markets. Yet we understood that we had a responsibility to be the best within our industry - the greenest stone manufacturer in the world.

Along the way we realized that the linchpin of sustainability for stone is yield, as everything cascades from there. Energy and carbon impacts, water and waste impacts, resource and habitat impacts... all are a function of yield. Small improvements in yield have dramatic positive benefits. Compared to the mineral extraction industry¹ that has notoriously low yields, quarrying natural dimensional stone is significantly more efficient, yielding considerable more usable product for every unit of stone taken out of the ground. That being said, much more can be done to improve environmental performance and Coldspring is leading the way.

¹Heavy metal mining often has yields of less than 1 percent and their ‘tailings’ can be toxic.

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