Declare Label

Our Declare™ label  

We have disclosed all components of our dimensional stone (granite and limestone) on the Declare™ product database and these products have been designated Red List Free on the Declare ingredients Label. 

The Materials Red List is a cornerstone of the Living Building Challenge™, the built environment’s most rigorous performance standard. The Red List identifies the “worst in class” materials, chemicals, and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem. Any project seeking certification under the Living Building Challenge must be free of Red List chemicals and materials. Declare supports the Living Building Challenge by providing a transparent materials database that project teams can select from to meet this requirement.

As part of the declaration, the team at Coldspring has added the Declare label to their product offering to assist project teams in determining how best to source local products that support regional economies.  

Any product is eligible for inclusion regardless of its makeup, and participation is voluntary. A product listing does not constitute an endorsement by the International Living Future Institute. Instead, the information provided is reflective of the integrity of the manufacturer; data on each Declare Label has been literally signed-off by the head of the company. 


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ColdSpring Limestone

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