15 December 2009

Resthaven's Mausoleum an All-American Beauty

Resthaven Memorial Gardens in Oklahoma City, OK is aptly named with its beautifully crafted granite mausoleum resting peacefully among flowering buds and state of the art landscaping.  It has a serene beauty that celebrates the lives it holds.  The Resthaven name not only exemplifies a calm loveliness; its name is also synonymous with innovation.  Resthaven Memorial Gardens is the vision of Carriage Services Inc., paired with Cold Spring Granite's ambition and strive for success.  The product of this union is a stunning tribute that welcomes grieving families.  With the inclusion of 372 crypts and a stunning glass niche room, life is a lasting memory.Resthaven Exterior

Chosen for its natural durability and timeless elegance, the Resthaven Mausoleum is entirely clad in domestic granite.  From the polished Sunset Red of the crypt fronts to the similarly colored muted red and stark black tangled swirls of Rainbow granite accents, the building is a rare all-American beauty.  Thermal Sunset Red stylishly dresses the wall panels and trim.  Chad Vice, the managing partner of Carriage Services Inc. stated, "We could have chosen a less expensive granite but we thought that it was important to our csutomers to create an American made product."  This dedication to quality and satisfaction ensures a lasting tribute.

The 372 crypts that compose the mausoleum are momentous to the uniquity of Resthaven Memorial Gardens.  Lisa Bijold, the sales representative for the Granit Bronz Mausoleum division at Cold Spring Granite, said of the distinct crypt arrangement, "This is definitely the first of its kind in the area.  Equipped with 20 private crypts, 18 oversized, and an abundant array of single and side by side crypts, there is a place for everyone.

Resthaven boasts of comfort and originality with a capitvating glass niche room.  With 126 spacious glass niches, this luxurious 14'-9" x 12'-3" expanse presents a proud display for urns and vases.  Climate control and lighting add to the soothing ambiance of the room.  Resthaven's niche room is a tranquil and stylish home cherishing family commitment and commemorating life.

Resthaven Memorial Gardens mausoleum is a unique melting pot, housed in a modern majesty.  It's all American construction, extensive crypt selection and inviting niche room truly make this more than your average burial.  As Chad Vice said, "Resthaven Gardens isn't just a burial place, it's a memorial."  At Resthaven Memorial Gardens life is truly a lasting memory.Resthaven Interior