17 April 2013

New Concealed Niche Hanging System



Coldspring – the leading quarrier and fabricator of natural stone and bronze in North America – has announced the availability of a new patent pending Concealed Niche Hanging System that allows for greater design flexibility of columbariums and niche units. 

Available exclusively on Coldspring Memorial designs, the Concealed Niche Hanging System’s lightweight, noncorrosive aluminum provides endless layout possibilities matched with an ease of installation not found in other systems. Unlike traditional niche installation methods, the granite niche front installs without the need for hardware or rosettes. 

“The Concealed Niche Hanging System allows for customizable design and layout with a sleek, clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance,” said Jim Calgaro, Cemetery Building Solutions, who was involved in the development of the system. “This system was developed here at Coldspring in response to what we felt was a need for an updated approach to niche hanging systems.”

The aluminum niche cabinets allow Coldspring to take columbarium design beyond the traditional shapes and styles which are not an option with pre-cast niche cabinets. The hanging system then allows the niche fronts to flow seamlessly across the lines of the unit of these unique designs.

For more information about the Concealed Niche Hanging System, please visit www.coldspringusa.com or call a Coldspring sales representative today at 800-328-5040.