8 September 2016

Creative Reclamation: Quarry Park and Nature Preserve

The purpose of the sustainability standard, known as ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone, is to recognize and reward sustainable practices in the natural stone industry – practices that many in the industry already abide by but hadn’t previously had third-party verification.
Quarry reclamation plans are an important part in the designation of stone companies that demonstrate environmental leadership. What’s more, the awareness that ANSI/NSC 373 will bring to the importance of quarry reclamation plans will only stimulate more creative uses for former quarries, such as the site upon which Quarry Park and Nature Preserve was built – a site that has played an important part in Central Minnesota’s history.

 The article Creative Reclamation: Quarry Park and Nature Preserve Offers Shining Example of Post-Closure Quarry Plan  explains the history, importance of a plan and beauty of a quarry after active use has ended.