16 February 2010

Cold Spring Granite Announces Launch of Online Bronze Emblem Viewer

Bronze emblems are not commonly thought of as a rapidly changing product. But as anyone who has been told “this emblem is not available in that size” or “the new version looks a little different” will attest to, determining which emblems are, and aren’t, current is every bit as challenging as the actual selection process. 

Not anymore. Cold Spring Granite is proud to announce customers now have easy access to our bronze emblem selection through our website. It couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up and log-in to be granted access to a comprehensive online library of over 1,000 bronze emblems.

While industry standard “line art” can convey the contours and curves of an emblem, today’s discerning customer demands more. To meet these needs, each and every catalogued emblem has been individually photographed and digitally rendered to provide you the most complete representation of your prospective bronze emblem. Beyond its shape, Cold Spring Granite customers will be able to visually sample the luster, sheen and resplendence of these handcrafted ornaments. 

In the past, emblem designs were often tweaked faster than print catalogues could keep up. At times, customers were unaware of product changes until their memorial had been received. By vigilantly monitoring product lines and continually refreshing archives, customers viewing emblems through our website can be assured that what they see is what they’ll get. 

Aesthetics, however, are only one part of the equation. By meticulously categorizing our offering, Cold Spring Granite is able to offer more comprehensive and accurate sizing and availability for our bronze emblems than any supplier. Customers viewing an emblem through our website will be able to determine not only all available sizes, but reversibility configurations as well. 

Upon launch, our website will feature approximately 1,000 bronze emblems, and we will continue to add emblems as they become available.  The online catalog will also be modified in real-time to reflect product additions, discontinuations and changes. 

No two customers’ tastes are identical. Whether your memorial needs are demure or vivacious, austere or ornate, classic or magnificent, Cold Spring Granite is proud to make its unparalleled selection of bronze emblems easier to navigate and simpler to use than ever before. 

To access the Online Emblem Viewer, log on to "My CSG" using the link at the top of the Cold Spring Granite homepage. If you do not have a "My CSG" account, click"Sign Up" and fill out the account information. Once the information has been submitted, you will receive a confiramtion e-mail that will include a vertificaiton link.  Click on the link to verify your information.  Once this has been done, a Cold Spring Granite employee will authorize your account and send you a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours.  Once you have received the confirmation e-mail your account has been approved and you will be able to access the Online Emblem Viewer.  If you do not receive a confimation e-mail within 48 hours, please contact your Granit Bronz customer service representative.