6 July 2009

Bevel Border Design Series

Cold Spring Memorial Group is excited to announce the introduction of the Bevel Border design series for its bronze memorials.

"This introduction is about giving our customers choices," said Cold Spring Memorial Group's director of sales for the Western region, John Phillips.  "This is another option that people really want to see and we're in a position to offer it nationally."

According to Phillips, while non-traditional memorialization options continue to expand, forms and symbols that represent class, dignity and beauty remain the market leaders.  The bevel borders' rich, polished look complements a bronze memorial and highlights the piece's carefully crafted and detailed content.  Years later the memorial's natural bronze finish will maintain its enduring qualities.  The beveled border adds depth and sophistication to any memorial or crypt or niche plaque.

"I'm excited about the opportunity," remarked Phillips.  "We're able to keep giving our customers what they want and provide them with more business-building options at the same time."

Bevel Borders are available on an array of popular memorial sizes and styles.  From the simple beauty of the painted bevel border to the self-complementing aesthetics of the matching Signature vase and polished bevel border option, your memorial design will endure while representing class and beauty.